Saturday, February 12, 2011

Topshop Spring/ Summer 2011

So this is some of the pieces that i personally like, from Topshop Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection. 4 different colours used as the background. I guess to categorize the different styles.


(Click on images to enlarge)

1) Grey background- Simple structure, symmetrical and asymmetrical, plain and solid colours with a little touch of bright and vibrant hues.

2) Orange background- Country girl inspired, floral prints and trimmings, very girly.

3) Teal background- Lots of chiffon, paisley printed.

Love the platforms here~

4) Pink Red background- Young and playful

Love the shoes here!

I hope it will be in our local stores! Been very depressed that some gorgeous pieces from the past Autumn/ Winter collection were not brought in ): They BETTER bring it this collection!! Especially those pieces in the the grey background! I would so wear them!! Not forgetting their footwear too! Awesome. Oh, their price.

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