Saturday, January 15, 2011


This season, ombre hair and dip dyed hair is spotted on runways and on celebs!
Ombre hair is when you dye your hair using a dark colour from the top of your head and form a graduation to the bottom of your hair with lighter colours....

Ombre hair as seen on:

Dip Dyed Hair is when you tint your hair only at your hair ends... mostly commonly with cotton candy colours and creating the "dip" effect... (hence the name)

Dip Dyed Hair as seen on:

I personally like the Dip Dyed Hair, hence, i'm doing a longer part for it(:

I really like the Dip Dyed style!! But you know, it's really hard to maintain the colour!
Especially on asian's black hair. Firstly, it's hard to enhance the colour during the dye-ing process compared to dye-ing it on blondes...
Don't get it?
Alright, if you use a green colour pencil to colour on a piece of white paper and a piece of black paper, which piece of paper will have a brighter and more obvious green?
There. White.
Same logic on asian's black hair to non-asian's "white" hair. (P/S I didn't just create this logic. It was from a professional hair stylist.)
However, i'd definitely love to try!
Hmmm, maybe with dusty blue or ash green!

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