Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hi lovely readers,

The purpose for this blog is:
  • to let people who have the passion for fashion to get to know more about the different styles of fashion (Bohemic, avant garde, classic personality, sporty natural, girly, cute etc)
  • to share different types of looks for different occasions (Formal wedding dinner, beach outing, romantic date night, crazy party etc)
  • recommendations for anything related to fashion like where to get a certain fashion must have and tips for readers for anything regarding fashion
  • latest trend alert and must haves on the runway for this season
You readers can:
  • email me a picture of your outfit of the day at to let me post it up and invite other readers to leave comments and feedbacks
  • get inspirations of what to wear from audience who have posted their "outfit of the day"
  • hopefully, benefit from this blog of mine dedicated to all fashionistas!


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